Basic Manicure $20 

Warm soak. Clip and reshape nails. Push and trim cuticle. Lotion massage on hands & lower arms. Choice of polis color.

Basic Manicure with Gel $35 


Basic Pedicure $30 

Warm soak. Clip and reshape toenails. Push and trim cuticles. Exfoliating and softening heel & callus scrub treatment. Applied a sugar scrub & lotion to your legs & then massage. Clean your legs with a hot towel. Choice of polish color.
*Basic Pedicure with Gel: $45

Deluxe $40 

Includes everything in basic pedicure and plus a foot mask is applied to your legs followed by hot towels wrap and then a cooling gel. Choice of polish color.
*Deluxe Pedicure with Gel: $55

Aroma Spa $45 

Aroma Spa is the collection of the most therapeutic remedies that have been discovered. We have developed a unique blend of essential oils and natural ingredients to bring the most uplifting spa experience. An Aroma mask is applied to your legs followed by a hot towel wrap and then a massage. This will increase your circulation, improve skin tone, relax the muscle system and relieve sore feet or legs. Really relaxing.
*Aroma Spa Pedicure with Gel: $60

Pearl Spa $50 

Exotic jewels from the deep seas, pearl powder contains over a dozen different minerals & 18 different amino acids. A natural moisturizer that protects from UV rays & free radicals, pearl powder promotes cell renewal for youth & healthy-looking skin. This spa includes pearl powder, pearl cleanser, pearl scrub, and pearl foot mask, your legs will be wrapped in a hot towel & then massage with pearl cream. Feel really good and relaxing.
*Pearl Spa Pedicure with Gel: $65

SNS Dipping Powder

SNS are the most popular and "called" the next acrylic generation. It looks natural, it's strong but feels light, healthier for your nails, and durability much better than Gel/Shellac color.
SNS French $45 & Up
SNS Ombre $50 & Up
SNS on Natural Nails $35 & Up
SNS with Tip $45 & Up
Soak Off $5 Extra


Full-set regular $30 & Up
Full-set gel $45 & Up
Full-set white tip $35 & Up
Overlay $30 & Up
Fill-in regular $25 & Up
Fill-in gel $35 & Up

Polish Change

Regular $15 
French $17 
Gel $20 & Up
Gel French $25 & Up


(For children on kid's chair)
Manicure $15 
Pedicure $20 
Mani & Pedi $30 


Eyebrows $10 
Upper Lip $6 
Chin $10 & Up
Full Face $50 
Under Arms $20 
Half Arms $30 
Full Arms $50 
Chest $40 
Back $40 
Half Legs $40 
Full Legs $60 

Additional Services

Nail Repair (each) $5 
Nail Design (each) $5 
Acrylic, SNS & Gel Removal $10 
Buff to shine $5